Advisory Panel

Advisory Panel President

Kimberly Ha

Hello advisors,  

My name is Kimberly Ha, currently attending the International School of Qingdao. It is my pleasure to serve you as the president of the Advisory Panel.  

Flashing back to my first MUN conference, I still remember the tension that sweated my hands. Everyone in my committee seemed bold, intelligent and engaged, while I was an outsider, completely overwhelmed. Overridden by anxiety, I was not able to understand a single word during the debate and was afraid to speak in front of the crowd. However, now as I am recalling my experience, I regret that I didn’t speak aloud and take courage.  

Everyone goes through the same situation. Yet, I want you to be different. Instead of a conference that leaves you with disappointment, I want you to leave MUNiSC 2021 with joy and satisfaction. So, I encourage you to take the chance and move toward your fears. 

Thank you.

Deputy President

Jason Lee

Deputy President

Seoyeon Yu