Economic and Social Council

Economic and Social Council President

Annie Jang


I am Annie Jang, currently a senior attending the International School of Qingdao. It is my utmost honor to serve you as the Head Chair of the Economic and Social Council. I am very excited to cooperate with everyone in this committee to discuss and find solutions on various economic, social, and environmental issues occurring in the world.  

I sympathize with how nervous some inexperienced delegates can be when speaking in front of a large crowd. However, delegates, you have already pushed yourself out of your comfort zone by deciding to join this conference, which shows your courage and determination to participate in debates. I promise you that if you maintain this attitude throughout the three days of the conference, you will overcome your shyness and leave the conference with confidence and a valuable experience. I encourage you all to research thoroughly beforehand, speak up passionately on the behalf of your delegation, and enjoy the moment! I will appreciate and respect each and every one of your opinions.

See you all in March!  

Deputy President

Yeseo Han

Deputy President

YunSoo Cha