Human Rights Council

Human Rights Council President

Ye Won Cha


I am Ye Won Cha, currently a senior attending Tianjin International School. It is my utmost pleasure to serve as the Head chair of the Human Rights Committee. Covering the conference theme of the “Fostering Inclusivity in an Age of Exclusivity” influenced by the 16th Global Sustainable Development goal, the committee was able to work through various issues and further understanding the situations in the global society. 

From my first experience of MUN as a delegate to serving as the Head Chair, I have experienced all the various aspects of this conference and gained affections for Model UNs throughout my five years of MUN career. I have experienced both the anxiety as a delegate and the excitement as a chair just like you did. 

Although it takes lots of courage to take a step away from your comfort zone, I wish you will be able to present fruitful debates throughout the conference along with other delegations. 

See you in March!

Deputy President

Esther Jeong

Deputy President

HyeongJae Jeon