International Court of Justice

International Court of Justice President

Ally Seo


My name is Ally Seo, currently a Junior attending International school of Qingdao. It is an honor to serve you as the President of International Court of Justice in MUNiSC 2021.

The International Court of Justice is a committee that will be operated for the first time in MUNiSC history. To briefly introduce International Court of Justice, ICJ is a court in UN functioning to mediate dispute between countries. Thus, as a court, ICJ will function very differently as the other committees. Instead of debating on resolutions there would be court trials, and instead of being called as delegates the participants will be lawyers and witnesses of a case. Nevertheless, participating in ICJ will be a great opportunity for you, since this will be another step that will pull you out from your comfort zone and allow you to demonstrate your potentials. As a person who have attended other previous MUN conferences, I assure you that ICJ will be a novel experience that you will enjoy. This will be the first time for everyone, so do not feel pressured and I encourage you to actively involve during the trials.

I will be looking toward to see you all.

Deputy President

Bella Jo