Security Council

Security Council President

Grace Choi

Honorable chairs, delegates, and guests,

Welcome to MUNiSC 2021! This is Grace Choi, currently a senior attending the International School of Qingdao. It is my utmost honor and true pleasure to serve as the Head President of the Security Council.

The Security Council is a unique committee with the primary responsibility to achieve international peace and security. The committee tackles its issues in a direct manner, and therefore requires a deep understanding of the issues and their own country’s stance from each delegate. The Security Council is one of the most challenging committees offered by MUNiSC, yet is one of the most rewarding as well. I hope the delegates will push themselves and learn the true beauty of the Security Council through MUNiSC 2021.

In the midst of this turn of the decade, the world is witnessing yet another series of ugliness – bigotry. History also witnessed countless cases where ethnocentrism, racism, and other forms of hatred toward diversity have resulted in massacre and disputes. Through the conference, I hope the delegates will be able to connect the theme “Fostering Inclusivity in an Age of Exclusivity” to each topic and seek both macroscopic and microscopic solutions to promote inclusive societies.


Grace Choi.

Deputy President

Paulina Jung

Deputy President

Shinyoung Park