2020 Economic and Social Council

Wendy Cho

Head President


My name is Wendy Cho, currently a senior at International School of Qingdao, and it is my pleasure to serve as the President of Economic and Social Council for MUNiSC 2020.

I still vividly remember my first conference. I was intimidated by many experienced delegates, seemingly flawless resolutions, endless amendments, offensive POIs, and complicated debating procedures. However, one thought entered my mind: I want to learn. Throughout my first conference and MUN career, my passion to learn about the world – the world that we are living in – made me not only a stronger delegate but also a stronger global citizen. Ever since I started to listen to the world and have interest in making the world a better place, MUN has become one of the sources of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. Going back to my first conference story, my unskilled speeches and amendments were often “attacked” by other delegates, but without passion, which motivated me to continuously challenge myself, I could not gain valuable lessons that influenced me greatly on a personal level.

Dear delegates of ECOSOC, now it is your obligation to study the most controversial issues and to come to a consensus with your enthusiasm. I hope this year’s conference can be a good opportunity to challenge and substantiate yourself of your own ability and power while broadening your knowledge towards many international affairs. Therefore, before stepping into the conference room, take a moment to set your own goals, whether it is to make three speeches or POIs, and once enter the conference room, drag yourself out of comfort zone and let the exploration begin!

See you soon 🙂

Daniel Park


Hahi Kim