Final Resolutions of MUNiSC 2020


Debated resolutions for MUNiSC 2020 will be uploaded here. 


United GAs 

  1. Protecting the Rights of Journalists and the Freedom of Media
  2. Addressing the Rising Proportions of Aging Populations in More Economically Developed Countries (MEDCs)
  3. Mitigating the Consequences of Climate Change Around Coastal Areas
  4. Dealing with the Issue of Child Labor in Asia


  1. Protecting Civilians in Armed Conflicts Occurring in the Middle East
  2. Measures to Prevent Diseases Mainly Caused by Poverty in Developing Countries       
  3. Facilitating Measures to Close the Gender Gap in Labor Force Participation (N/A)
  4. Strengthening and Renewing the Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty to Promote Global Nuclear Disarmament


  1. Situation in the Philippines
  2. Situation in Cameroon
  3. Preventing Unjustified Attacks of Security and Political Forces on Opposing Parties and Civilians in Venezuela
  4. Alleviating the Social, Economic, and Humanitarian Crisis in Venezuela