2020 General Assembly

Tuneesha Roy

GA1 President


My name is Tuneesha Roy, currently attending the International School of Qingdao. I stand humbled to be serving as the President of the General Assembly at MUNiSC 2020, which will mark my 11th MUN conference and 4th as chair.

Throughout the three-day conference, the General Assembly will be exploring and tackling issues related to the displaced people of DR Congo, child labor in Asia, aging populations in MEDC’s, and the lack of sanitation in impoverished nations. All of these topics branch out from our root cause, population dynamics. I look forward to seeing cooperation between future diplomats to address the heterogenous problems of our generation.

With that being said, I strongly encourage all delegates to take this opportunity to present your unfiltered opinions about our universe through your countries stance. Remember that you are not the only one who has shivering hands or stuttering speech, trust me, I have been there. It only takes time to get used to the podium, but with high hopes, I expect that MUNiSC will stand as a platform to help you experiment, groom, and evolve in your diplomacy.

My goal for this conference is to conduct a fluent and educated debate in unison with my deputy chairs, JiHee Kim and David Lee, while meticulously responding to the 21st century population dynamics.

What is your goal?

Ji Hee Kim


David Lee