2020 General Assembly 2

Jessica Wang

GA2 President

My name is Jessica Wang, currently a senior attending Tianjin International School. It is my utmost honor and privilege to serve you as the President of General Assembly II. MUNiSC 2020 marks my twelfth conference and fifth conference as a chair. Personally, General Assembly II has always grasped my attention, and, hence, I will gladly mark an end to my High School MUN career in General Assembly II.
With MUNiSC’s theme of Responding to 21st Century Population Dynamics, this conference will truly allow each participant to expand their perspectives on various issues and variables that influence our world. A change in the variable “population” will trigger changes in many other variables. How will we alleviate the effects?
I hope that everyone can step out of their comfort zone to have a fruitful debate, making this committee a place of improving and excelling. Make mistakes. But please do not ponder upon the mistake instead, focus on how you can learn from it.
See you soon!

Ethan Choe


Seong Min Noh