General Assembly I

General Assembly I President

Min Ban

Welcome delegates!

My name is Min Ban, currently attending the International School of Qingdao. It is my utmost honour to serve you as the head chair of the General Assembly of MUNiSC 2021.

Being the president of the General Assembly necessitates a massive deal of responsibility. Writing chair reports, guiding the deputies, and eventually making a successful committee is on the mercy of the president’s dedication. Deputy chairs and admin staffs hold similar duties and cooperate to make the conference as fruitful as possible.

It is the delegates’ task to prosper in the atmosphere the chairs and admin staffs provided. I daresay that delegates indeed hold the most crucial responsibilities in making a conference memorable or not. It is solely dependent on each delegate’s participation and professional attitudes. For such reason, I demand you do not hesitate. Sophistication is not the major component of making a successful speech; your thoughts will be admired in any

What to further say? It is all upon you. Good luck!

Deputy President

Susie Park

Deputy President

David Lee