General Assembly

  1. Tackling the Issue of Hate Crimes in North America
  2. Amplifying the Effectiveness of Family Policies for Societal Health
  3. Ending Animal Abuse for the Proper Application of Animal Rights
  4. Evaluating the Social and Structural Implications of Cancel Culture

Disarmament Commission

  1. Preventing the Use of Biological Weapons in Military Actions
  2. Enforcing Global Cybersecurity in a Rapidly Digitizing Era
  3. Evaluating the Role of the United Nations in Terms of Disarmament Affairs
  4. Regulating Further Scientific Development of Mass Destruction Weapons with Regards to Artificial Intelligence

Economic and Social Council

  1. Cushioning the Momentum Towards the Deglobalization Trend
  2. Considering the Feasibility of Online Education for Students in Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs) during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  3. Building Economic and Climate Resilience for Small Island Developing States (SIDS)
  4. Ensuring the Proper Provision of Medical Services to Lower-Income Classes

Human Rights Council

  1. Protecting Indigenous Women from Acts of Marginalization and Violence
  2. Fostering Social Inclusivity by Mitigating Body Shaming
  3. Redirecting the Misguided Prejudice Associated with Islam
  4. Preventing Social Exclusion of the Disabled Caused by Social, Attitudinal, and Financial Barriers

Advisory Panel

Situation in Venezuela 

  1. Ensuring the Fulfillment of Basic Human Needs in Face of Corruption and Thawra in Lebanon
  2. Striking an Optimal Balance to the Refugee Concern in Lebanon
  3. Minimizing the Impact of the Economic Crisis in Lebanon
  4. Alleviating the Issue of Famine and Food Insecurity in Lebanon

Security Council

  1. Situation in Lebanon
  2. Situation in Belarus
  3. Situation in Armenia
  4. Addressing the Geopolitical Complexity of the Arctic Region

International Court of Justice

  1. Dispute Over the Kashmir Region (State of India vs. State of Pakistan)
  2. Besiege in the Gaza Strip (State of Israel vs. State of Palestine)