General Assembly

Disarmament Commission

  1. Pursuing the Proper Disposal of Outdated Weaponry  
  2. Enforcing Global Cybersecurity in a Rapidly Digitizing Era
  3. Deterring the Militarization of Outer Space
  4. Regulating Further Scientific Development of Mass Destruction Weapons with Regards to Artificial Intelligence

Advisory Panel

Situation in Lebanon 

  1. Ensuring the Fulfillment of Basic Human Needs in Face of Corruption and Thawra in Lebanon
  2. Striking a Balance in the Refugee Concern in Lebanon
  3. Minimizing the Impact of the Economic Crisis in Lebanon
  4. Alleviating the Issue of Famine and Food Insecurity in Lebanon

Security Council

International Court of Justice

  1. Dispute Over the Kashmir Region (State of India vs. State of Pakistan)
  2. Territorial Crisis in Palestine (State of Israel vs. State of Palestine)

Virtual General Assembly

  1. Preventing the Use of Biological Weapons in Military Actions
  2. Minimizing Negative Socioeconomic Factors that Lead to Juvenile Delinquency  
  3. Evaluating the Role of the United Nations in Terms of Disarmament Affairs
  4. Addressing the Issue of Forced Sterilization

Virtual World Health Organization

  1. Reassessing the World Health Organization’s Role and Authority
  2. Ensuring the Fair Distribution of COVID-19 Vaccines Across Nations
  3. Promoting Social Awareness on Neurodiversity 
  4. Strengthening Biosecurity and Managing Biorisk