2021 MUNiSC Secretariat Team

Secretary General

Jane Eun Woo Lee

Honorable chairs and directors, esteemed delegates and advisors, and most respected guests,

This is Jane Eun Woo Lee, and it is my utmost honor to welcome you to Model United Nations International Schools Consortium as its Secretary-General.

Now the 13th annual conference in its series, MUNiSC 2021 is proudly represented as a platform for learning, a rendezvous for communication, and rich soil wherein seeds of thoughts can bloom into stems of perspectives. This year, we yearn to plant a rather more daily and directly applicable, but not yet as well thoroughly thought out, topic: inclusivity.

Fostering Inclusivity in an Age of Exclusivity. Differing from diversity itself, inclusivity means being aware of diversity in those around you, expanding your bubble to everyone that would have been in your social group had it not been for exclusivity. Though seemingly simple, achieving and maintaining inclusivity across all people groups in an effective, manageable, and sustainable manner may be more complex than any other themes MUNiSC had discussed in the past, as it is deeply interrelated to anything wherever people are present.

In a sense, exclusivity is an inherent part of human nature. People naturally feel more biased and favorable towards the people groups they identify with. And the world is unable to completely rid itself of inequality. However, it is our responsibility to foster inclusivity, that we may become more understanding towards each other and reduce the level of hatred in this world at both the microscopic and macroscopic levels. With the implications of this topic to everyday lives everywhere, it is all the more important to take careful and open approaches to the concept.

As we proceed with conference preparation, it is our hope that delegates and chairs would be able to ponder over this theme one more time, mulling over what it means to them. Stoking our peak creativity to heighten the inclusivity level of our own conference to a maximum, we will do our utmost to offer everyone a good event and good effort.

Deciding to remain actively seized of the matter,

Hope to see you at the conference!

Deputy Secretary General

Tuneesha Roy

I wanted to write an introduction that would be unique and memorable, something beyond introducing my name (I am Tuneesha Roy), saying which grade I am in (I am a senior), what school I come from (International School of Qingdao), and introducing my role (I am honored to serve as the Deputy Secretary-General of MUNiSC 2021). However, I came to the quick realization that when one tries too hard, they fail miserably (as noticeable above).

This is a lesson that I want to share with you all. Go with the flow. Be you and create value. From my five years of experience, I have only realized that cracking the greater purpose of MUN is far more important than stressing about the nuts and bolts of how it works. You are not obliged to make 20 amendments because a fellow delegate has done so. In simple words, MUNiSC is what you make of it. Therefore, I implore you to set a realistic and personal goal and work towards achieving it. My goal is to be a sponge; I want to soak in all of the information I come across and make sense of it.

Do not be afraid to ask “infantile” questions as that is the only way you will find clarity.

Do not be afraid to submit amendments that are not as long as those you have seen before, as the content is more important than the length.

Do not think that you are less than anyone because you are not.

Do think that submitting few but well thought out amendments are better than proposing amendments that do not pass.

Do think that even your little contribution can make a massive difference to the resolution.

Do grasp every opportunity to participate actively and create personal connections.

Consider these questions as you prepare for MUNiSC 2021: What do you hope to achieve from MUNiSC? Why are you participating in MUNiSC? What piques your interest?

MUNiSC promises you to launch as a global citizen where you think globally and act locally.

Head of Administration

Hyunjun Woo

My name is Hyunjun Woo, currently attending the International School of Qingdao, and I will be serving as the Head of Administration for MUNiSC 2021.

Ban Ki-moon, the former Secretary General of United Nations left this quote:

As the young leaders of tomorrow, you have the passion and energy and commitment to make a difference. What I’d like to really urge you do is to have a global vision. Go beyond your country; go beyond your national boundaries.

As globalization continues to be a trend in the modern world, multiple nations from around the world naturally come to interact; however, the effects of this interaction are equivocal: positive interactions may reinforce development in one nation, but negative interactions might bring collapse to one nation. Seeing how a small change may stimulate a greater change, we no longer must think within the national boundaries. We must think beyond, think internationally, think of the whole world as a collective entity. And MUNiSC 2021 will surely be another step, if not the first step, in nurturing your global vision and fulfilling your commitment to make a difference.

Delegates, research about world issues and develop a global vision. Debating to find solutions with your fellow delegates and learn to think from multiple perspectives. Make speeches and grow to express your perspective. Each and every action you take in the conference will surely make you improve as a young leader.

Chairs, lead and maintain orderly debate to facilitate growth in delegates. Give all delegates a chance to stand on the podium and deliver a speech. And of course, it is my role to provide the most suitable environment for the conference.

Our theme this year, ‘Fostering Inclusivity in an Age of Exclusivity’, has boundless implications. From the issue regarding racism and sexism, to the abysmal gap between the poor and the rich, exclusivity is seen in all parts of the world. It is my hope that by attending MUNiSC conference, all participants may benefit from it.