2020 Secretariat

Anna Li

Secretary General

Esteemed advisors, delegates, and chairs,

Welcome to MUNiSC 2020! My name is Anna Li, currently a senior at the International School of Qingdao. It is my honor to be serving as the Secretary General for MUNiSC 2020.

MUNiSC is a conference that strives to create a friendly atmosphere along with providing the opportunity for students to engage in consideration of global issues. MUNiSC is an opportunity to build and develop. It is a place to come up with solutions for the pressing issues around the world, to see through the lens of the different delegations, the way they would approach the problems. It is the time to participate, to join the conversation. The chairs, along with the Secretariat Team, will try their utmost to facilitate a growing, encouraging environment. I encourage you all to take the chance and speak up!

This year our conference theme, Responding to 21st Century Population Dynamics, was chosen in consideration of the rapid changes happening around the world. The global population has increased by two billion over the last 25 years. Beyond the sheer numbers, the earth also faces changes in the proportion of the elderly, the population in urban areas, and refugees. By investigating the different dynamics that the regions undergo, one can develop sustainable development processes that are both inclusive and considerate of the specific situations of the people. Population dynamics is something that can be observed anywhere and everywhere, providing the context needed to discuss the global issues occurring.

I sincerely hope you all enjoy your time in MUNiSC, indulging in the delicious snacks, meeting new delegates, and passionately contributing to the fruitful debates regarding the issues. Thank you to all participants for making MUNiSC, and our vision possible!

I look forward to meeting you in February!

Until then,

Anna Li

Jerry An

Deputy Secretary General

I will be serving as the Deputy Secretary-General for MUNiSC 2020! My name is Jerry An, and I love fat cheese pizza with cheese crust. I’m a Migos fan, especially Offset. I love malaxiangguo, and Utah Jazz is my favorite basketball team (come say hi to me if you are a Mitchell fan YAY)!

Tbh, MUNiSC merely lasts for 3 days. Some delegates are compelled to participate just for the recognition – the Best Delegate Award. MUNiSC may be just another activity to mention in your resume. Some people just come for the great food; some to make new friends.

However, MUNiSC is also an initiation. This three-days event can raise awareness and subject students to diverse world issues. It adds meaning to education – to empower oneself to eventually tackle flaws in the contemporary world such as child labor abuse in Southeast Asia, food insecurity in Venezuela, and limited access to contraception in Africa, etc.

See you at MUNiSC 🙂


Jane Lee

Head of Administrative Staff

Honorable chairs, esteemed delegates and advisors, and most respected guests,

Bearing in mind the theme of Responding to 21st Century Population Dynamics,

Warmly welcoming all that have graciously decided to expend their time on participating in MUNiSC 2020,

Greetings! My name is Jane Lee, currently attending the International School of Qingdao, and I will be serving as the Head of Administration/Administrative Staff for MUNiSC 2020.

While every MUN conference has fostered my growth as a speaker, writer, thinker, and problem-solver, it is undeniable that as I comb through my past MUN experiences, some appear as a slideshow of vivid images in my brain, while others bring up hazier recollections. I wish that MUNiSC 2020 would be, for you, a conference among the former, where the three days of walking around in uncomfortable shoes are double, triple, worth the pain. Although it would be impossible to make the conference live up to everyone’s full expectations, the HOA looks forward to delivering you all a memorable conference full of mental action, a conference that you wish to return to.

Delegates (and, for AP, advisors!), your job is to enjoy. Make the most out of it; make your very first POI (Point of Information – a question asked to the delegate at the podium) and give yourself a pat on the back, or write that most perfect resolution ever that passes with unanimous vote. No matter where you are on the spectrum of MUN experiences and level, climb up to the next step, challenge yourself, and build your human capital. Simultaneously, remember the purposes of Model United Nations (MUN) – to take and understand a wider range of perspectives, to practice speaking and debate, and to gain a better understanding of the world. Remember our conference theme as well – Responding to 21st Century Population Dynamics – and ask yourself, why did MUNiSC 2020’s Secretariat Team choose that theme? How is it related to me and my topics? But most importantly, have fun! That’s what you’re here for.

Advisors, let us have a wonderful time discussing the beauty of transportation methods and the elegance of delegation assignments. Officers, you know what to do :D. And my dear admin staff, let us all busy ourselves running around.

Deciding to remain actively seized in the matter of MUN,

See you all!