2020 Security Council

Grace Choi

SC President

Honorable chairs, delegates, and guests,

Welcome to MUNiSC 2020! My name is Grace Choi, currently a junior attending the International School of Qingdao. It is my utmost honor to serve the Security Council as the Head President during the conference.

The Security Council is a very unique committee that focuses on the issues in a direct manner and where each country’s stance is crucial to the debate. Therefore, a thorough research and a deep understanding of your assigned countries would be a necessary. Even though the Security Council is one of the most challenging committees offered by MUNiSC and can be bit overwhelming, I hope the delegates will learn the true beauty of the Security Council. I am more than willing to help if you need any help.

Lastly, I personally hope that MUNiSC 2020 would not be remembered as another “my nth MUN conference”, but as a conference that you challenged yourself to meet the goals you set before the conference. I look forward to seeing a constructive debate and active participation of all delegates. See you at MUNiSC 2020!

Min Ban


Esther Tak