Touring Qingdao

May 4th Square

The May 4th Square is a 5-6 minute walk from the conference location and is situated in the heart of the city. The May 4th Square is named after the May 4th movement, also known as the nation wide protests that occurred after the Treat of Versailles transferred German concessions to Japan, instead of returning it back to China. The sculpture stands as a representation of movement leading to national independence and the rebuilding of society in the Shandong Province. It is a great location to enjoy the waterfront scenery overlooking the 2008 Olympic Sailing center.

St. Michaels Cathedral (Zhejiang Road Catholic Church) 

The Cathedral is located in old Qingdao, about 30 minutes from the conference location. It was built in 1934 by a German architect, and was listed as Provincial Historic Building by the government of Shandong Province in 1992. An admission fee is charged.

Tai Dong Day & Night Market

The Tai Dong Day & Night Market is your one stop shop to purchase anything from dollar goods to beautiful Chinese traditional attires. It is a wide pedestrian street with local street food vendors and small shops.

Fu Shan Mountain 

The Fu Shan mountain is situated 10 kilometers away from the conference location. The breath-taking view at the peak of the mountain is worth the 5 kilometers hike. The peak is the highest point in Qingdao, approximately 384 meters above sea level.

Zhan Qiao 

Originally built in 1981, Zhan Qiao is one of Qingdao’s must visit places. It is a 440 meter long, 8 meter wide path to “Hui Lai Ko,” an octagonal pagoda. At the north end of the pier, you can enjoy the sight of beautiful flowers and take a restful walk along the park.

Shi Lao Ren Beach

Qingdao is known for its beautiful scenery and its gorgeous beaches. The Shi Lao Ren beach is a great place for a breezy evening walk along the ocean. A cafe situated in the center of the beach serves the most aesthetic beverages in Qingdao. The beach is approximately 15 minutes away by metro from the conference location.